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Building Purpose

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

I’ve always loved this style of architecture with lots of steel & glass. I like to look at it & be around it & move thru it. In architecture school they called this the “international style.” This stair looks awesome in the dark lit up from the inside by the way.

There’s something about this style that has always felt honest to me. Maybe it’s because it’s more transparent & the structure is often exposed so you can see much of how it’s held together. However, I talked to one user of this very building who said it was not as functional as it could be. It seems some functionality was sacrificed for that high-end design feel.

That’s the balance we continually strive for with building design; to have a building that is equally functional AND attractive. If it runs like a top & looks like junk, people are not going to enjoy using it. It’s not going to attract much attention from people, & people are the reason why buildings are built. They aren’t built for the mechanical system or the parking lot or the plumbing system or the fancy led lights. Form definition follows function, but in order to design effectively, we must first define what that function is which is most certainly always to serve people In some way.

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