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Building Art

What struck me most about Disney World is the architecture. Here I am putting tremendous effort into designing relatively simple & 'normal buildings' while the builders & designers of Disney are creating amazing environments that immerse people in entire other cultures, cartoon worlds, fantasy lands & on & on. 

The amount of thought (& money of course) that went into all the design of main street alone is incredible to me. Pirates of the Carribean has so much concrete that only a company like Disney would even think of building something like that in this day & age. The Swiss Family tree is a giant tree that looks so much like a tree that the only way I could tell is by reasoning that the leaves were just slightly too regularly placed. Even touching the bark (that is not bark btw) was not a giveaway. 

And then there is the Galaxy's Edge - WOW! These buildings are as much works of art as they are places of function. They are new of course & yet they are made to look old & covered in space dust. That's not to mention the 'mountains' or the scale replica of the millennium falcon (or as my son would say the 'million falcon'). I also loved the rides & how many of the lines have little rides within the ride.  

Well done, Disney!  This was such a different experience from smaller theme parks I've visited in the past.  The kids loved it, & it also helped those of us more developed in age to re-connect with childlike imagination that is so important & sometimes elusive in life. 

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