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Custom is King

Are you looking to build a custom home? I’m not talking about one you can buy from a shelf with insta-plans (just add wood). The kind of custom home I’m talking about here is one that is carefully designed with your needs, & the needs of your site, in mind.

What does a typical day in your family look like? What spaces or amenitities do you wish you could have that would help improve & enrich your family’s life? Are there restrictions on your site that limit your buildable area? You want to hire professionals who will help you sort through these very important questions. Each question in design & construction demands a high level of care & respect to the order in the process.

The example shown in the image on this blog has a tight corner lot. Corner lots can be tricky because they often have two “front yards” which often means two big setbacks. This lot also had utility easements which further restricted the buildable area.

It might've ended there. However, I happened to be working with one of my favorite builders on this; Nate at NT Construction. Together with Nate's help, we were able to come up with what I feel is the best configuration of spaces & orientation for this custom build. It is a core value of Elevation Design that the interactions during design be pleasant, rewarding & that the home design of course be something everyone can feel good about.

In a world where buying an existing home that fits your unique needs is becoming increasingly difficult, I wonder if you’ve considered going off the road most traveled & exploring what might be possible. By changing direction & shifting focus, we can often find better ways to approach the same challenges. If you want to discover what a truly custom design process could do for you, give me a call. Let’s at least have that conversation. #DreamDesignDevelop #ProofisintheProcess #CustomisKing

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