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Choose Your Own Adventure

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Yesterday, on my way home from a regular weekly appointment, I stopped somewhere new. My wife & I are blessed to live near a state park so there are many trails to explore. I have some favorites, but sometimes I just need a new experience to fill my adventure tank.

I pulled off the main road & instead of going to my usual spot (the beach), I turned toward the marina. The sky was cloudy & the sun was breaking through enough to reflect off the lake & make it feel bright. I thought about the view across the lake from the beach parking lot & felt a little sad that I didn’t go that way, but I pressed on.

I passed the marina because the dock was locked as it’s still not the season. I looked over at the small pond where they do little fishing events for kids & thought I’ll walk down to the water over there. As I was walking, I saw another path leading out to a concrete dock that sort of overlooked the lake. It was close to the pillars for the main bridge across the lake which was quite dramatic I thought. While walking toward the dock, I noticed a trail that led under the bridge where I’d never been before, so I took that. I walked under the bridge, read some graffiti that said “ash is our purest form”, chuckled to myself & moved on until I came to a place where I could walk down to the water.

The point is it felt so gratifying to have the freedom & awareness to find a new path. I love hiking in nature, but the only thing I may like more is hiking in nature in a place where I’ve never been. Each day is a chance to find a new path, to (as the old book series says) choose your own adventure.

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