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Custom is King

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

What is the risk of we don’t go custom? We may not get what we want. We may pay more than is necessary. We may even get some things we don’t want. I’m putting finishing touches on a shelf I made from an old one (see my headline photo). Adaptive reuse has always been a favorite concept of mine. There’s something about building on what someone else started that feels thrilling to me. I feel like it saves on depreciation of building new while also honoring & paying homage to the original. Breathing new life into something is very near & dear to my heart probably because that’s the story of God in my life. Someone once broke down the design process to four basic work tasks: plan, do, check, adjust. As I think about that cycle, I can’t help but wonder maybe life is like that. Maybe we plan & do & then after each experience we check what we did & adjust for the future. We are the design projects of the one who made it all. And if you think about it, people don’t actually cost anything in a monetary sense, but they are worth more than any of us can possibly imagine.

In the end, the ultimate question is can we afford to not go custom; to always choose based on cost; to invest in systems rather than real, flesh & blood human beings who have flaws but are the apple of God’s eye. The choice is not easy, but it is simple. Each of us was made for relationship.

Happy co-creating to you this week!

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