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Dream | Design | Develop

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Two ways to save on design costs:

1. Keep revision time down by having clear expectations set early in the process

2. Reduce design changes by bringing consultants in at the right times

Dream It

The first step is to speak with a qualified architect to get a solid vision of your overall project. Modern software, when manipulated in the right way, will allow your professional to create a visible rendering that makes sense in a very short time frame. Once you have this rendering, you can begin to evaluate whether the idea aligns with your goals or not.

Design It

After seeing your dream, then it’s time to start bringing it to life. By putting your dream through the rigorous process of design, you will have a more detailed look at the structure & the systems that will be a part of making your dream come true. Most houses have water, sewer, electric, heating, cooling, and some have gas to name a few. Each system has a way it will function & having a detailed design leads to the third step.

Develop It

When details are drawn out, it can be easier to see adjustments that may make your project more valuable or simpler to build. Maybe some items that use water can be moved closer to the water source to save cost or maybe there’s another way to maximize the use of the space. In some cases, it can help to ask specialists & other building experts for their input. If you have drawings, it will be much easier to pose questions & get the answers you need.

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