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Planning takes Faith

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Are you willing to put in the time to plan something on the faith that it will bear fruit one day.

Planning often takes sacrifice. It means time & resources will have to be set aside for something that may not be bring any immediate return. If we look back, much of our lives may be defined by whether we are able to plan even when it was hard. God caused water to flow from a rock & streams to flow in the desert. He’s still in this business, and He often uses his children to bring those miracles to pass.

I’ve always wanted a job board so now that I have my own office space, I finally made one (pictured above). It took a surprising amount of effort to do something for myself (& the health of my business) even when I know others will ultimately benefit from the increased organization & clarity. It was so long ago I had this vision that I had long since forgotten about it. My job board dream sat on a shelf in the back of my mind collecting dust for probably 25 years or more before I dusted it off & put it into play this very week.

If you have a dream to build something & you don’t know where to start or which direction to take it, let me know. I’d love to hear from you & have the opportunity to guide you in the direction of your dream. Design is a conversation that starts with one person asking another a simple question. I may not know the answer immediately, but I can definitely help you get started on the right foot and walk in the direction toward your goals.

Without vision, people perish. A dream is meant to be shared. So what are you dreaming for?

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